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The best Stem Cell Therapy products for rejuvenation and anti-aging


Our product MF Plus PLACENTA HP 500mg, is the best and most powerful cellular treatment for regeneration and revitalization in the world.

In fact, the placenta is a safe therapeutic agent with the potential for regeneration activities throughout human tissue. When it enters the body, this cellular treatment strengthens damaged cells to the point of restoring health and youth.

MF Plus HP Placenta, contains biologically active cells by means of a technique approved for the delicate biological conservation of these substances; without damaging the effectiveness of the valuable biologically active technique. 


MF PLUS PLACENTA HP 500mg: Fully effective stem cell therapy

It should be noted that, the cell treatment MF Plus PLACENTA HP 500mg is the only product in the world where the cells of placental extract are kept alive, pure and fresh; unlike other placental ampoules where heat destroys or changes many bioactives of its molecular structure.

Additionally, the extraction of MF Plus PLACENTA HP 500mg, as a cellular treatment, is done without any application of heat and is achieved through a cold processing and ultrafiltration method, keeping the bioactive in the placenta extract alive.

Stem cell therapy, HP 500mg is processed without any application of heat that can disable the effectiveness of many of the other placental extracts.

Each box of 500mg HP contains 10 4ml vials at 500mg concentrations of live, pure, fresh human placental stem cells. Their shelf life is 4 years from the date of manufacture, provided they are kept in their original, fully sealed container, subject to the highest international and European community health standards.

When using the PLACENTA HP 500 mg cellular treatment, it will cause the following effects in your body:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Regulation of the autonomic nervous system.
  • Improvement in circulation.
  • Improvement in the healing of tissues.
  • protease inhibition
  • Improvement in nerve regeneration.
  • Regulation of hormone levels.
  • immune regulator, fight against allergies
  • analgesic effect
  • improves the intestinal environment
  • anti-aging



Nuestro producto  MF Plus PLACENTA HP 500mg , es el mejor y más poderoso tratamiento celular para la regeneración y revitalización del mundo.




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